Chocolate Winterfest Tasmania

Sunday 13th July 2008 Shadows Cafe, Latrobe
Chocolate Inspired haiku
words by Jodie Hawthorne
read by Jodie Hawthorne
& Mili Zhao
Chocolate Inspired Haiku by Jodie Hawthorne print PDF HERE

chocolate & you ~
the best things in life
have soft centres



Grandpa’s stash
of chocolate fudge?
the dog ate it



romantic evening ~
me, my cat and a box
of favourites



choices, choices!
should I go the mint, the orange
or the strawberry?



first date ~
an after dinner mint
soft in his palm



Freddo Frog ~
finger-painted on
face and window



first kiss
under Baci sky
and Lindt ball moon



Gran’s soft bed ~
hot chocolate, stories
and cuddles



no kids! no men!
girlfriends share
a Chocolate Sunday



Cadbury tour ~
even the oldies
scramble for chocies

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