September 2004 Yellow Moon
second place haiku award for “red and white snow”
red and white snow ~
on the monks hands
pig's blood


September 2004 Yellow Moon
commended haiku award for “Kawagebo Peak”
Kawakarpo Peak ~
watching pilgrims
watching me

September 2004 Yellow Moon highly
commended haiku award for “first light”
first light ~
a monk bunches maize
in the stone courtyard
October 2006 Yellow Moon
highly commended cinquain for “driftwood”
salted grey
floats, sways, sleeps
a carefree motherless soul

2008 Literary Competition Free Xpression
Commended haiku for “scuffed boots”
scuffed boots ~
old snow gathers dust
in the gutter


Yellow Moon Haiku Awards September 2004yellowmooncerts2


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