From Aboriginal Australia


My very first print-published poetry was accepted by the Koori Mail, an Australian Aboriginal newspaper, in June 2004. They were not very well written haiku (I’ve edited them slightly below), but these and others later caught the attention of my to-be publisher Lyn Reeves and led to the publishing of my first collection of haiku, watching pilgrims watching me by Pardalote Press, Tasmania in June, 2006.

I had been travelling with my daughter in Western Australia and the Northern Territory exploring Aboriginal culture and communities, including the Mititjula at Uluru, when I wrote these little poems. Note, we did not climb the rock as was requested by the Aboriginal women who took us on a guided tour of their sacred places around the base of the rock.

White Girl Senryu ~ Koori Mail – 30th June 2004

exploring the town
apartments houses sacred sites
school house hospital

sun and shadow 
on bare painted bosom
their dance stopped by police

humid day
black women and children idle
Christian hostel

waiting for the bus
those words again
one blood

her country
moving into his chest
more tears

song for country
he closes his eyes
to block the sun

a white man
making fun of
a black man

from the mainstream
the faintest whisper

Haiku Oz website published the following of my Aboriginal Australia haiku in an entry titled Top End Haiku – a report by Lyn Reeves in May, 2006.

blond boy
chewing on green ants
pepper crunch

red earth 
in an old shower cap
Uluru sunset

Long Ago ~ Koori Mail – 12th March 2008

long ago 
they dived for shellfish
sat by campfire
not long ago

long ago 
they danced their stories
collected berries
not long ago

long ago 
they lost their land
lost their lives
not long ago