King River Press

I started King River Press in the beginning of 2018.  The idea had been with me for some time but with so many other projects on the go and the hectic pace of living in Sydney I didn’t have much time to focus on it until an extended visit to China between February and May, where I had time to sit with it for a while and then finally act upon it.  The collection was finally published in May 2018.

So, King River Press has began it’s journey with the publishing of an extended version of down days (first published in 2017 through Amazon Kindle).  The King River Press 2018 edition of down days has all of the features of a good quality small press poetry collection.  It also includes black and white images I captured whilst living in Sydney, which add some context and contrast to the poems.  More about down days below:

down days

ISBN: 978-0-6483088-0-5     Pages: 50      Size: 21 x 14.5cm x .5cm     Cover: Soft

This is my second collection of haiku.  I hadn’t stopped writing over the years since my first collection was published in 2006; I just took a break from chasing publishing opportunities and also worked many “real jobs”.  The moments in down days capture some of my experiences during my publishing break when living in Sydney for 6 years with my two children.

Over the years I have tried to tone down my reactions to the world around me, but I still find that’s hard for me. So, once again I’ve given into myself a little bit and down days is not dissimilar to the tone I took with Watching Pilgrims Watching Me (published by Pardalote Press in 2006). The plan is to republish much of this book with other poems spanning 20 years in Yunnan.

down days is written in what I consider to be my “instinctive, raw and honest; sometimes playful, often poignant” voice.  The experiences within explore politics, media, identity, relationships and nature.

Some snippets from down days are shared below:

Coke crates for chairs 
and all the shades of green ~
sadly a world away

mesmerised little ones at Adventure World     mum's 3rd coffee

Ancestry results
bickering about what it means 
to be Irish

many carry it ~
the convict stain

how very kind of them

staking out the block
for non-existent threats
~ the Marxist ego

hiding behind titles
moving in sync with 
The Carillon 

this love song
repeating our favourite lies

if it wasn't for the summer rain
I'd love you more

vacated fun park
me, a superstar
and his vices

not yet dead
the rose-tinted dreams
of drunken youth