love and life in monoku

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starting where we finished off yesterday's tea leaves

                            naivety a stranger tells our fortune

new love telling her to pluck that monobrow

      empty bottles conversations beyond me

               unkind eyes that same group of people in 7-eleven

           looking to see me in the mirror i see you go away!

    yet another travelling through not with me

scrunched up paper balls the bin missed

                    culture choosing yours choosing mine the end

   separated an old friend makes a brave wrong move

           monthly meeting catching you watching me

                    unwashed my lover's favourites over the easy chair

who's fooling who all lives don't matter

              insomnia i wonder if they wonder what's become of us

      you say your parents won't accept the steamed up window

                      pension day KFC and laughter under the milkwood

i should have known he played snooker too well infidelity

              sex one more night for closure i win