Selection of Published Haiku & Tanka


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Second Place Yellow Moon 16 2004

red and white snow
on the monk’s hands
pig’s blood

midday waking up to last night's dishes #FemkuMag Issue No.25 June 2020 divorced scanning the shoreline for skipping stones on the tea-horse trail stones rubbed smooth ~ my bare feet       does he still     wait for my call?        how I wish  it were a tear for you    not just tired eyes   last bend before the plateau~ an over turned bus year after year outside the big hotel the same beggars                                                                       where children play the words of Mao whitewashed   on a crowded bus a laugh so familiar yet not his red earth in an old shower cap Uluru sunset   10 cent bun something to argue about in the market below summer night laughter rolls smoothly in love without a bucket we pick berries nobody else sensed the meaning~ your fingers pass slivers of iced cucumber   Gran's old pantry~ chilli tomato relish best before May   grown tired of the same old arguments face over pot she inhales the steam of freshly minted peas   I swore I wouldn't yet here I am again calling him