Writer’s CV

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Jodie Hawthorne
Publication/Performance CV
Title_Genre_Publisher_Venue _Date
exploring the town,sun and         haiku_Koorie Mail_June 2004
shadow danced,humid day,
waiting for the bus,her
country,song of his country,
a white man,from the main-

red and white snow,                haiku_Yellow Moon_summer 2004
last light, Kawagebo

on the tea-horse trail             haiku_Yellow Moon_winter 2005

last bend,children in rags,        haiku_Famous Reporter_January 2005
on the minibus,explosive

does he still                      tanka_Yellow Moon_winter 2005

blond boy,on a crowded             haiku_Haiku Oz_May 2006
bus,red earth

year after year,under a            haiku_Famous Reporter_June 2006
nun's robes,holy tree,
where children play

almost there,on the                haiku_Sunday Tasmanian_August 2006 

10 cent bun                        haiku_Modern Haiku (USA)_December 2006

north bound train,blue grey        haiku_Famous Reporter_December 2006
sky,apricot carp,how swiftly,
pine needles,the rain

coke crates for chairs             free verse_Famous Reporter_December 2006
and all the shades of

driftwood                          cinquain_Yellow Moon_Summer 2006

summer night,nobody else           tanka_Eucalypt Tanka Journal_April 2007

important meeting,after the        haiku_Stylus Poetry Journal_January 2008
typhoon,Gran's old pantry

the words of twinkle twinkle       free verse_Positive Words_March 2008
little star

sunlit puddle,single again!,       haiku_Paper Wasp_Autumn 2008

Old men play cards                 free verse_Eureka Street_April 2008

scuffed boots                      haiku_FreeXpression_May 2008

grown tired                        tanka_Eucalypt Tanka Journal_May 2008

red earth                          haiku_Haiku Dreaming(www)_May 2008

down and out                       free verse_Blue Giraffe_May 2008

I swore I wouldn't                 senryu_Simply Haiku_May 2008

mining, the moon and               free verse_Eureka Street_July 2008

Review of Waiting for the          review_Famous Reporter_January 2010   
Owl: Poems and Songs from
ancient China

divorced                           haiku_Wales Haiku Journal_Spring 2020
midday                             senryu_#FemkuMag_June 2020

graceful                           senryu_Rattled haiku_2020

resuming senryu_Bloo Outlier_Dec 2020 yellowed lawn senryu_Echidna Tracks_June 2021 cicadas'chorus haiku_Asahi Haikuist Network_June 2021 Brood X haiku_Asahi Haikuist Network_June 2021 robbed senryu_horror senryu journal_June 2021

Biography of Lady Templer article_academia.org_May 2021

Heading for the Gates memoir_Robert Onfray Author Site_May 2021

daily chores haiku_PHS & Manchester Poetry Library Service_June_2021

a regrettable, when the last haiku/senryu_FromOneLine_August_2021
shadows fell, as if I needed
a reason

clouds 雲, good women 善女人, haiku/senryu reading_第2回世界俳句協会Zoom_October_2021
lonely me 寂寞的我, sea turtle, The 2nd WHA Zoom Meeting 2021
world outside, last light,
end of night shift

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